Boost your career
with team projects

All self-directed developers run into the same problems. No team experience, feeling lost working alone, endless tutorials, not enough finished projects. The good news? Chingu solves them.

Level-up your career from anywhere

We place motivated people with similar goals together in project teams which allows them level-up in ways they couldn't otherwise.


Developer Teams


Coders & Designers


Pair-programming hours

The team projects

A collaborative learning experience

You will leave Chingu with portfolio projects, confidence from experience, and the soft skills that the 21st century world needs.

  • Collaborate with like-minded coders

    Gain experience using collaboration tools that are used in modern tech companies. Real-time messaging, async communication, task management tools, audio / video meetings, etc.

  • Be pushed outside your comfort zone

    Just like in the workplace, you will have deadlines. Deadlines and working with others will push you out of your comfort zone and accelerate your learning.

  • Get out of tutorial purgatory

    Sick of doing tutorial after tutorial with nothing to show for them? When you join Chingu, you will collaborate with others to solidify your skills by building & launching real projects.

  • Boost your portfolio with finished projects

    Your Chingu experience will give you lots of material to use on your resume, portfolio, and in future coding interviews. You will have a finished team & solo project for your portfolio.

“I realized pretty quickly that I was learning more from the Voyage project than from everything I did in the entire rest of the year put together.”

Sarah Schneider

Chingu was a great place for me because while working on the projects there, I honed my skills and I learned how to collaborate with other developers. During my job interview process, I was able to speak on the projects I worked on at Chingu. It impressed my interviewers and consequently, I landed a job at a Fortune 500.

Owen Ekhator

I got my first developer job at the age of 35 largely due to the technical AND soft skills I gained through Chingu.

Eric Zumwalt

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