Collaborate and gain real experience

The Chingu Voyage is a remote 6-week program for web developers. You will build a project in a remote team and level-up with the technical and soft skills required in a professional software job.

How it Works

Learn to Collaborate

Learn to Collaborate and gain experience as a Modern Developer

Gain experience using collaboration tools that are used in modern tech companies. Real-time messaging, async communication, task management tools, audio / video meetings, etc.

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Participate in weekly team standups
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Real-time messaging & async communication
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Participate in text / audio / video meetings (all depends on your preference as a team)
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Overcome real challenges developers face on the job

Use Real World Tools

Use the real-world coding tools you'll use on the job

Learn to manage your project's codebase in a team setting like a pro! This is one of the most valuable skills you will learn as a developer and will unlock a new world of collaboration opportunities.

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Build and refine your Git skills
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Contribute fixes and features to the project using Git and Github
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Participate in code reviews with teammates to ensure the quality of your project

Grow & Thrive

Thrive with Deadlines & Accountability

Just like in the workplace, you will have deadlines. Deadlines will push you out of your comfort zone and accelerate your learning.

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Deadlines will make you actually finish your projects
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Our deadlines will give structure to your learning journey
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Get out of tutorial purgatory

Learn Soft Skills

Learn the soft skills you need to excel in your career

Improving your soft skills is one of the best investments you can make in your career. Technology is always changing, but the need for soft skills does not change. Linkedin found that 57% of senior leaders today say that soft skills are more important than hard skills.

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Learn how to communicate your ideas in a professional setting
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Collaborate with people with different mindsets and from different countries
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Improve your time-management skills
Soft Skills

Learn about Pair Programming

Do Weekly Pair-programming Matching

Learn how to code with another developer and gain valuable collaboration experience. Learn how other coders approach challenges and how they think.

Pair Programming
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Meet a new coder every week to solve a coding challenge (optional)
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Take what you know to the next level by sharing your knowledge with others
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Learn new technologies and techniques from your peers


Frequently Asked Questions

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You will need at least basic HTML / CSS and Javascript skills to qualify for a Chingu Voyage.
Know more than that? Chingu has you covered! Our Voyages have three different tiers separated by skill level (beginners, intermediate, advanced) so you can work in the Tier you are most comfortable in. We also require you to complete a Solo Project prior to starting your first Voyage so you can discover what Tier you best fit into.
TL;DR - We encourage people at any level (including beginners) to join, as our Solo Projects are designed to inspire / help people gain the skills they need to be eligible to join.
Yes, Chingu was designed for this. Companies want to hire experienced developers.
With each Voyage you'll be adding projects to your portfolio, refining your technical and soft skills, and leveling up your expertise. All of the things employers are looking for.
Yes, every week we see members getting a job. Members who have successfully completed 3 Voyages at the tier-3 level generally are job ready. They have gained the skills necessary to build multiple full-stack applications, have at least 4.5 months of experience working on real projects in real teams, and understand the importance of soft skills.
Yes. Coding bootcamp instructors / career mentors from many of the major bootcamps have referred their graduates to Chingu to help them get a job.
First, are you committed to your learning goals? A Chingu Voyage is an experience that will get you out of your comfort zone and accelerate your learning. If you aren’t committed, you’ll waste your time and that of your teammates.
Second, every new member has to complete a Solo Project to be accepted into their first Voyage to ensure they are ready and to help them validate their tier selection. Once you complete and submit your Solo Project we'll evaluate it and provide constructive feedback.
Finally, our vibrant Discord Community is a place where you can meet other Developers, ask questions, explore ideas, and get the advice you want and need.
No worries, we start new Voyages every month so if you don’t complete the Solo Project you can keep learning and be ready for the next one.
We consider part-time to be around 12 hours a week and full-time to be 25 or more hours a week. For you to get the full benefits, Chingu must be a priority during the duration of your Voyage.
However, we understand that your availability may vary from sprint-to-sprint. What's important is that you give you team plenty of notice so the team can plan for these situations.
You will need to know basic CSS, HTML, and a programming language like Javascript or Python.
But, even if you are not ready now, you can use the Solo Project to help build and refine your skills to prepare you for the Voyage.
The Solo Project allows new Chingus to find out which Tier they best fit in, and build a project from start to finish to ensure they are ready for the team Voyage project.
The solo projects are organized by Tier and requires skills that match the tier that best suits your current skill level. Don't worry if you find that you have selected the wrong tier - you can change your tier at any time.
In a Voyage you’ll be matched with other teammates in the same tier, in similar timezones and who have similar technical interests.
No worries. Just let us know by emailing your plans to
We'd be happy to answer any questions you have! Please feel free to email them to us at:

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